How Much Can I Customize?

The short answer is "A LOT"...

Browse around the Admin area of your new site. You will find that you can control who sees what, both at the back-end and in front (including Public or Private Ticket Creation, Access to Features, and yes, even your own Knowledge Base and if it is Public or for Internal Use only - IF you decide to have one at all).

Control your automated reply system and customize the messages you send through Email Templates and Department or Agent Routing.

We tried during Design and Development to make OrbitDesk as Streamlined and Intuitive as we could, while still being Powerful enough to handle even the most demanding clients.

Some features we have removed for now, (like translations for example) simply because most of our clients are US based, or from English speaking markets. In addition, lots of the translator systems out there are bulky and inaccurate and just sloooow down the total system. It is easier for you and your clients to use Google Translate for instance, and get a better result anyway.

The entire OrbitDesk System is designed like this... with a "Business First, Useful Tool" instead of a bloated system to impress nerds and developers.

We hope you find our efforts worthwhile.
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